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Roman Snitko, resume

Ruby and Rails

experience: 10 years

Pretty much an expert on it and staying up to date with the latest releases and changes.

Javascript, Coffeescript

experience: 10 years

Tried all sorts of frameworks, but prefer Dart.


experience: 5 years

Working on my own UI framework these days. Have a pretty good grasp on the language and the tools.

html & css, haml & scss, flexbox

experience: 13 years

I don't hate working on it. In fact, I probably won't let anyone else do it, unless they're better than me.


experience: 10 years

Using Linux on both Desktop and server.


git, vim, Postgres, i3wm, AWS, dev-ops


Please note, many projects don't exist as of the present time, so I couldn't include them here.