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True Equality

If you say you want equality, chances are you really don't. Let me explain what I mean.

Whatever you consider to be equality: equal pay, minimum wage, higher taxes for the rich or even the so called equality of opportunity - you probably want your government to pass such laws. That is, you want all the citizens of your country to be more equal. But what about the citizens of other countries? Ahh, but they have their own governments, they should pass their own laws and learn how to build a successful country. So, in reality, what you want is not equality for all, you want equality for a select group of relatively well off people (those living in your country). If you really wanted true equality, you'd be opening borders and abandoning any restrictions on immigration, inviting everyone else to join you and work together towards greater equality. But of course, many of the very same people who support equality, are afraid that their fellow countrymen would lose jobs because cheaper labor would flood the market.

Therefore, this selective equality in principle is no different from the selective equality I may have in mind when I say "oh, but I want everyone in my family be equal and relatively well off first! Only then can I move on and work on greater equality within the society itself."